You have heard of us, and know of our good reputation in the industry. It’s time to find out what makes us such a great place to work.

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The Work 

We prefer to work with clients again and again so we can serve them better. The same is true of our team. We hire with the long-term in mind, not just on a project basis.  

Commercial, residential, industrial, institutional, and automotivewe have built many of the places you work, liveshop, and play in. Much of our work has been focused on Manitoba, and occasionally other Western-Canadian provinces, so you can count on stability in a market that we know and perform well in.  


What We Stand For

Values say a lot about the heart and culture of an organization. At Concord Projects, from leadership to project-site, we live and practice ours daily.   

Trust. We earn trust and give trust by being open, honest, and fair. Concord Projects operates with respect and integrity. 

Collaboration. We empower people to be their best. Concord Projects believes in teamwork, problem solving, freedom, and the power of people. 

Service. We have an enthusiastic and passionate approach to construction. Concord Projects is fully dedicated and committed to the best interests of the project. 

Sustainability. We are serious about the environment, community, and being stewards of the project. Concord Projects uses a long-term mindset to the decision-making process. 

Innovation. We are always looking for a better way. Concord Projects invests in new technology and has an entrepreneurial and progressive approach to the construction process. 

Safety.Safety will never be compromised for the benefit of cost or schedule. Concord Projects has a zero-tolerance approach in regard to safety on the job site. 


Our People

Our team is made up of knowledgeable, dedicated, and co-operative teammates in the following specialties: 

Pre-Construction Managers
Construction Managers and Supervisors, Carpenters, Skilled Labourers
Operations Management and Quality Management
Construction Management System Administrators
Administrative Assistants
Finance & Accounting Managers and Administrators
Human Resources 

Together we create the maximum possible value on every project while having the best reputation in the construction industry. One cannot be achieved without the other, and we want your help 

More than half of our team has been with us for five years or more. Some of these people started their careers in entry level positions and have built careers with us, achieving management and leadership roles in the company.  


The Rewards

We pay fairly and give rewards and opportunities generously. Here’s a summary of some of the programs and compensation Concord employees enjoy. 

Benefits & Perks:
Retirement savings with above average employer match
Paid professional development like memberships, courses and designations
Service awards, recognition and company events
Annual cash wellness incentive
Flexible work and leave programs
Safety footwear subsidy
Concord branded clothing and gifts

Competitive base salary or hourly pay
Individual performance bonus
Cost-shared health, dental and insurance benefits
Employee Assistance Program
Company-provided mobile

Vehicle program
Gas card program
Per diems for out-of-town work


*Job-specific programs vary by position

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